We provide an array of acoustic consultancy across the UK through our consortium of engineers. Whether you need a noise survey to discharge a planning condition for a residential or commercial development, installing an air conditioning unit or extractions system or applying for an extension to your entertainment premises licence. Our Acoustic Consultants can provide bespoke noise assessments to address your requirements.

Planning permission can be complicated and stressful and we aim to provide a transparent, efficient and cost effective solution alongside an unrivaled quality of service.

If you are unsure what you need our acoustic consultants will provide a free and honest discussion to review your project and requirements. So give us a call to discuss your project with one of our experienced consultants.

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Residential Noise Surveys

Noise surveys are required to ensure that you protect the amenity of the occupants in your proposed development. If your development is close to a source of noise we can provide a noise assessment to support your planning application.

Commercial & Industrial Noise Surveys

If you are developing a commercial or industrial site near sensitive receptors, such as dwellings, you will need to evidence you are not going to affect the amenity of the surrounding area. We provide a robust and detailed analysis to ensure you discharge your planning conditions first time around.

Road & Rail Noise Surveys

Are you planning a residential development near a road or railway that will affect the future occupants? We can provide noise assessments to ensure you have the best and most cost effective design solutions to achieve the Local Authorities requirements.

Office Acoustics

Is your office noisy? Can you not have a private meeting due to poor sound insulation? Do you find your colleagues conversations distracting? We  can help with sound proofing, speech intelligibility and speech privacy issues within your workplace to improve workflow and efficiency.

Entertainment & Nightclub Noise Surveys

If you are applying for planning permission to open a bar or nightclub or have noise issues with you existing operations. We can provide robust surveys bespoke to your needs.

Sound Insulation Design Advice

Do you need to sound proof your home? Or need to meet the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations. Call us for the right solution.

Acoustic Investigations & Noise Nuisance

Do you have a noisy neighbour? Or a Low frequency noise issue? We can provide an acoustic consultant to provide expert advice to resolve your issue.

Building Acoustics

Do you have a noisy restaurant? Or an echo or reverberation or echo problem in your church, gymnasium or village hall? We can provide an acoustic assessment and ensure you have the most efficient solution to your problem.

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